Finally Together

Finally Together

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

First Week Home

We have been home exactly one week and one day and WOW what a week! 
When we left Ukraine on Saturday, we were taken into the customs office and spent at least 30 minutes going over all our documents and the guards making copies of many of the papers.  We were ready for a similar inspection once we arrived in Italy.  The guard barely turned away from his conversation with his friend and we flew right on through.  Relieved, we hurried away to claim our luggage and get out of the airport.
We arrived in Italy in the early morning and were picked up by friends.  We were greeted at our home by more friends and of course our daughters.  It was so wonderful to see our girls again after such a long time.
Vitaliy had the same experience entering our home as he did in the home we stayed in, down in Simferopol. He literally spent this entire first week opening every closet, drawer, cabinet, and box he could find.  Carefully inspecting each and every item with careful attention and curiosity.  This insatiable curious appetite has been both humorus and irritating.  Watching him open every game box in the house, dump out the contents and then put it all back in the box is fascinating for us to watch.  On the other hand, he has required constant supervision because everything he finds he wants to know how it works.  For instance, the battery operated circular saw was a bit frightening!  Thanking Jesus that the battery was dead!!! 
If something requires or even has a spot for batteries, he wants to put in new ones and watch it work.  He has a love for all things that run on batteries.
Some of the things he finds strange.
1. Our cats are indoors all the time and they poop and pee in a box of sand that we keep in our house.
2. That we tell him he can bath naked.  He always wears his undies. 
3. That we watch him constantly. 
4.  That so many people of the AFB wear the same outfit that his papa does.
5.  That we girls request that he please lift the seat to pee. 
Overall, he thinks we are a bit weird but seems content to roll along with us.
Sunday was our first time at church.  I warned him that many people would be very happy to see him but it was still all a little overwhelming with the attention he was receiving.  Saturday and Sunday went well though just out of sheer distraction by all things new. 
Monday morning the girls went off to school and Brandon had to return to work.  Oh dear, stuck home all alone with the momma again.  It was a rough day for both of us.  I was sticking to my previous mantra of Momma is Stronger and it wasn't going well. The title of my next blog post will be, "Admitting Failure" stay tuned you don't want to miss that one.  Anyway, Monday through Wednesday were very hard and I was so happy when the rest of my family returned home.   Thursday I changed tactics and saw some improvements.  Friday was a rough day but for other reasons.  Saturday and Sunday we have spent time together as a family!  Ah Family, this word provokes so many thoughts and emotions. 
So what have we done, we've ridden our bikes around the neighborhood, we've played hundreds of games, we've battled, we've tried to figure how to turn off activated fire alarms (no it wasn't a actual fire), we've cuddled, we've cried, we've just sat and looked lost, but we've done it together.  I haven't been able to do much of anything except spend time with my son but I am so thankful to have him home with me.  Home, where we can love and protect him, where we can show him a better way, where we can die to ourselves daily in order to show our son that he is welcome and safe. 
Everyday is better, everyday there are improvements in ALL of our attitudes, and everyday I get to give all my kids hugs in the morning and tuck them in at night.  What could be better than that? 

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