Finally Together

Finally Together

Help Us Bring Vitali Home

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Amazed and Thankfull

     Still amazed at the things that people are doing to help us with our adoption, God is great! So far we have raised about 22% of the total cost to get Vitaliy home with us. We are humbled by the generosity of those who have even more meager incomes than we do but have followed God’s challenge and have donated abundantly to us. This is challenging to our hearts as we watch God do his work on others to help save one little boy. If he cares so much for him, how much does he care for us all? We still need about $30,000 but my heart is bursting with faith because of what he has already done.
     Events coming up to raise finances are: A local friend is going to come to our home and spend four of her Saturday’s cutting hair to and give all proceeds towards the adoption costs. An Italian friend has offered to host Italian cooking classes in her home and donate all proceeds towards our adoption costs. Another friend has offered her photography services to take pictures and donate all proceeds towards our adoption. This is so shocking to us. We never thought so many people would want to help by giving financially but also giving of their time and talents too. We are so incredibly thankful for everything everyone is doing! Truly we are.
     We are preparing for our home-study that is scheduled to happen November 5th. There is much to prepare. Brandon and I have to write our entire life stories and that is challenging to say the least. We are taking our on-line parenting courses to prepare us to adopt an older-international child. I am learning so much through these on-line classes and they are helping us have more realistic expectations of what may happen when we get Vitaliy home. I know that when we were preparing for the birth of Grace we had grand expectations for what having a newborn was going to look like only to be quite surprised by the actual reality of the situation. Therefore we are thankful for sound advice by experts to what we may go through once we get Vitaliy home. Also in preparation for Vitaliy we have some friends that are “trying” to teach us Russian. Russian is very challenging with many sounds that the English language doesn’t have but we have hopes that this may help Vitaliy see that we care enough about him to learn some basics of his native language.
     Things we need prayer for: #1 That God will continue to press on hearts to help us financially pave the way for the adoption costs. #2 That the paperwork already in progress is sufficient and adequate for the Ukrainian Government. #3 That our home-study prep is done by October 28th so that we can have a week of rest prior to the actual home-study. #4 That God is continually in control of all aspects of this adoption and that he will continue to prepare Vitaliy’s heart for us and our hearts for Vitaliy.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.

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