Finally Together

Finally Together

Help Us Bring Vitali Home

Monday, October 24, 2011

Things are coming together

I will start with the praises today because there are many.  First of all, we have received our certified copies of our marriage license from South Korea!  This was a BIG document that we were waiting on for our home study.  We are only waiting on one more document to come from Florida and our documents for this step will be complete.
Another fun praise is that we have gotten our first bag of clothes from friends for Vitaliy when he arrives.  It was so much fun to receive these boy clothes.  It reminded me of when I first received baby clothes for the girls when I was expecting them.  It makes it seem so much more real and tangible!
We have many fund-raisers going on right now.  We have a hair-stylist coming in the months of November and December to our house to cut hair with all proceeds going to the adoption fund. We have our Italian friend offering a cooking class coming up this weekend to all who want to learn authentic Italian cooking and support our cause.  If you’re not local you can participate in another fund-raiser that my friend is having who makes and sells beautiful jewelry.  She is offering starting now through the end of December all bracelet sales to go towards our adoption.  Check out her web-site.  If you purchase a bracelet remember to write a note saying that it is going towards the Thompson’s Adoption. She can do custom bracelets too.  If you are able, purchase a matching set of earrings or necklace to show your support for her generosity. 
Today I sent off our 5th letter to Vitaliy.  The missionary there said when she went to the orphanage last week he ran up to her and was “Sure” that she had a letter from us!  I love that!  This means that we are giving him hope and that he is starting to trust us to write to him every week.
Things to pray for:
1.        That we get our home study preparation completed NLT than Sunday October 30th.
2.       That our home-study is smooth and worry-free on November 5th.
3.       That the fund-raisers going on now and through December are successful and raise $10,000.  That would bring us to 50% of the total cost.
4.       That our hearts and minds would be prepared to parent Vitaliy and that his heart would be prepared for our family.
Thank you for your continued prayer support as we make this journey. 

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