Finally Together

Finally Together

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rounding the first turn

I feel like we are heading into the first major turn in our journey this week.   On Saturday November 5th a social worker is coming in from the United Kingdom to do our home study.  As soon as this is complete and she finishes her report we can officially let Vitalik know that we are adopting him.  I have asked the missionary there if we can tell him in a video instead of a letter and she said, “Definitely!”  She has agreed to video tape him watching our video to see his reaction to the news.  So excited for that moment!   In a letter we received from him this week he expressed that it would be good for him to be with us.  We totally agree with that statement.  He wrote to us on his own without the prompting of the missionary and we are thrilled that he has hope and knows that someone cares for him.  We were told that when he gets a letter from us, all the other children gather around to read it as well.  They are so excited to know that someone is interested in any of them.  I pray that this also gives the other orphans hope that they too will be rescued someday. 
These are the statistics compiled by UNICEF regarding orphans in Ukraine. 
70% of boys will be imprisoned, 60% of girls will become prostitutes, 10% of the children will commit suicide.  These statistics are real, but they only tell part of the story.  These are real children, not just numbers.  These are living, breathing children in need of a family.  If you are interested in older child adoption and feel a burden to save a child from these horrific statistics there are many children waiting.  From the hosting program that Vitaliy was part of, there are still 6 children waiting. 
 Praises this week:
We have raised 25%of our total adoption funds!
Our Italian Cooking Class raised $1,125.00 on Saturday, October 29th.
Brandon and I finished our home study preparation!  Now we just have to clean the house.  J
We are taking some much needed family time this week and it’s only Tuesday and we are all feeling more refreshed.
Prayer requests for this week:
We are still waiting for one more document to arrive from Florida before Saturday.  Pray for it to arrive.
That our home study on Saturday goes smoothly, that we are all healthy and well, including the social worker and her travel to and from here will be safe and uncomplicated.
That as we continue our family refreshing time that we are sensitive to each other’s feelings and we just have time well spent loving and laughing.
That our hearts and minds will continue to be prepped for Vitaliy coming home and that his heart and mind will be prepped for us. 

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  1. Will def. keep you guys in my prayers come Nov. 5th! So exciting the though of being able to share with V that you want to be his forever family. YAY!!!! Can't wait to hear about it!