Finally Together

Finally Together

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

December is moving on

Finally heard from Ukraine this week, our missionary friend sent us some pictures of Vitaliy and his friend Vova.  She had been very busy teaching a girl’s bible study and hadn’t seen him but she dropped off our weekly letters to a social worker for Vitaliy.  Unfortunately, Vitaliy hadn’t received our letters so when she came to visit him she told him who he needed to see to pick up the letters.  We were sad to hear that he missed getting the letters from us for 3 weeks and we are praying that he didn’t feel abandoned by us during that time.  One of the reasons we write to him each week is so that we develop a trust relationship with him.  I try to include a picture with each letter and a bit of a story that continues in the following letter.  Now that he has 4 letters to read at the same time he’ll have lots of reading to do. 
We had our computer crash on us on Thanksgiving Day.  All of our adoption papers and letters to and from Vitaliy were saved on that computer.  Fortunately, Brandon was able to recover all the information and has it stored on an external hard-drive.  We are in process of shopping for a new computer but in the mean time some friends of ours have let us borrow their computer so that we are still connected with the outside world. 
On Thursday December 15th Vitaliy will turn 10 years old.  We are getting together a box to send to him and the other kids at the orphanage for his birthday and for Christmas.  They celebrate their Christmas on January 6th which is very similar to Italy where they celebrate Epiphany here.  I ask some friends if they had some lightly used toys that they would like to send along and the response was awesome.  Several people wanted to help send along what they had to the kids at the orphanage in Ukraine.     
Today is the last day that Heather Pelzcar is so kindly coming over to cut hair to raise money for our adoption.  She has really been a blessing to us over these four weekends and was a picture of service and grace.  We appreciate her so very much.
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