Finally Together

Finally Together

Help Us Bring Vitali Home

Saturday, December 3, 2011

We are Back on Track

This week we got our labs back from Ohio, Hooray!!!  Now we are back on the journey.  We have everything signed and ready to send off to our social worker and she will do a final review and then send it off to Florida for the offical review and then we are then offically prospective adoptive parents.  This process will probably be a few weeks and the holidays will most likely slow it down but God's timing is perfect. 
As I write this, our friend Heather is once again pouring out her heart and her labor to cut and style hair for our adoption.  One of the best parts about these days is the conversation about life, adoption, and love.  I have met people through these efforts that I would have not had the opportunity to meet otherwise.  Everyone who comes shares with us the vision to bring an orphan to home to a forever family.  What a blessing that is!
We put up our tree this week and I kept thinking about how next Christmas we will be a family of five.  My heart aches though to know that our soon to be son will spend another Christmas alone in an orphanage along with so many other orphans waiting, hoping, and praying for a family to love them.  Please pray with us that Vitaliy will be encouraged by the letters that we send and the gifts that we are collecting to send to the orphanage for the kids.  We were praying that we could tell him that we were planning on adopting him by his birthday which is December 15th but now we are hoping that we can tell him by the Ukraine Christmas time which is the first week of January. 
To our blog readers, we appreciate your prayers and support. 

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