Finally Together

Finally Together

Help Us Bring Vitali Home

Sunday, February 12, 2012

He knows!

This is was the week!  We let Vitalik know the news!  We sent off the letter and the video to the orphanage and we sat and waited anxiously for his response.  (Actually I was much more anxious than Brandon, who was calm and collected)  Near midnight last Saturday I received the e-mail from the missionary.  They took Vitaliy in a room and brought out a laptop for him to watch.  He stared at the screen with his mouth partly opened, intent on our words.  When the video was over she asked him if he understood what we said and he said that he did.  He told her that there was a family who wanted to adopt him but he said NO to them because he knew that our family loves him already.  He already understood that we were going to adopt him.  She asked him if someone told him and he said "No, nobody told me I just knew."  She asked him if he was afraid and he told her no.  Then she asked him if he would like to be adopted by us and he said YES!

We received today his first letter since he found out we are adopting him.  This is part of what he said.

 "I love you very much. Will you treat me well, yes or no? Kim, Brandon, Grace and Hanna I want to see you very much. I love you very very VERY much.”

Love this Kid! 

Hanna had a dream that Vitaliy was home with us and that she and he fell asleep on the couch leaning on one another when I was reading a story. When she woke up and saw that he wasn't on the couch she told me, "Mom, I miss him, but it's weird because I haven't even met him yet."  We all feel that way.  God has given us all a love and ache in our hearts for Vitaliy proving that he has predestined him to be our son long before any of us knew it. 

We still have a long way to go, many documents to fill out and file, many obstacles to overcome, and bills to pay but God is being so gracious and faithful throughout this process.   Please continue to pray for us.  Pray that Vitaliy’s heart is calmed and that he is preparing for us.  Pray for our hearts to be prepared to welcome him into our home as our son and not a guest.  Pray that when we write to him that we have wisdom to know the words that will encourage, comfort, and show him our love. 

Thank you for your support!

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