Finally Together

Finally Together

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Forth and Final Trip!

Tomorrow afternoon, Kim will board a plane to Kiev.  This time she will be traveling alone but will be in the good care of our facilitator Sasha.  On the morning of the 8th, Sasha and Kim will fly to Simferopol and will be going to get Vitaliy!  Our hope is that we will be able to take him out of the orphanage forever on Tuesday morning.  Kim and Vitaliy will have to travel about 2 hours from LZ to where Vitaliy’s original birth certificate was made.  We will be picking up his new birth certificate and then finishing up whatever else needs to be done for the finalization of this process in this region.  We really do not know all that needs to be done and we are thankful we do not have too.  That is what our facilitator is for! We can not imagine trying to do this without a knowledgeable person, taking charge and getting it done.  We are reading the book, “The Grace Effect” by Larry Alex Tauton.  It is a gripping testimony of the role a Christian has and is responsible for in a world that seeks to destroy the notion of a very real and personal God. In it, he very accurately depicts the Eastern European culture while his family spends their time in Ukraine adopting their 10 year old daughter Sasha.  We are laughing and crying while reading this book, since we have now had firsthand experience with what he describes.  Fortunately, we haven’t had to deal with as much corruption as they did, or at least we are unaware of it thanks to our adoption facilitator.  We highly recommend this book to you!
Kim and Vitaliy will be staying at a home with other American families that are also there finalizing their adoptions.  It will be community living at its best and Kim is thankful to have other Americans close by and that speak better Russian than she does!
Later next week or early the following week, Kim and Vitaliy will travel to Kiev and Brandon will meet them there.  We will then be working on getting an Italian Visa in Vitaliy’s new Ukrainian passport.  This step has us a bit anxious since we will be dealing with both the Ukrainian government and the Italian government, both of which are notorious for inefficiency.   Please be in prayer with us on this very thing.  We would very much like to avoid an emergency trip to the USA to file for a Visa as this would be very expensive and time consuming. The USAF has been most gracious with allowing Brandon so much time and grace during this process and we don’t want to take advantage of it. 
We will do our very best to keep you informed on our process during the next few weeks.  Thank you for being faithful partners with us as we seek to bring Vitaliy home!

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