Finally Together

Finally Together

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Momma is Stronger

Let me start this blog by first saying that Vitaliy is doing amazingly well with all the changes that he is going through.  He is a brave boy that took a gigantic leap of faith in choosing to be adopted.  There is really no way to explain to a child that has grown up the way he has, what being in a family is really like.  Everyday he is learning who is in control and what being truly loved means.  That it is possible to be told “no” and hugged at the very same time.  To be denied what he thinks he really wants only to be given what his soul truly needs.  This is going to take time.  I am up for the challenge!  God has been most gracious in allowing me 16 months to prepare for this time.  I am surprised at how easy it has been to both love him and guide him.  I don’t know if this makes since to you but I was afraid it would feel a bit like babysitting an unruly child, but instead, to GOD’S GLORY, it has been like Vitaliy has always been my son and it is easy to love him.  I know he is confused, sad, happy, and just plain befuddled, this has been my way of offering grace. 
I can almost guarantee that he will have put on at least 5 pounds before we even leave Ukraine.  He has been a veracious eater!   I haven’t limited anything at this point because he can definitely use the calories.  Besides, he has been eating fruit, yogurt, breads, sausages and drinking milk, juice, and water.  These are all vital for his nutrition and right now I am letting him stock up.  I know it helps to lower his anxiety about whether or not he is going to be fed so we will continue this trust cycle of food.  J He is very smart and competitive.  The competitive nature is a blessing when getting him to do what I want him too.  For instance, we are learning animal names in English.  For every animal flash card he names right, he gets to keep the card and the ones he gets wrong, I keep it.  This morning, I had 4 cards and Vitaliy had 26!  Amazing!  Today I started him on ABC’s.  We started with just “a” “b” and “c”.  Learning to recognize what they look like and their name.  I sat out 3 picture and word cards that started with different letters and asked him to identify words that started with a, b, or c.  He ended up with 35 and I had 2!  

So I will continue to press forward with the charge that God has called us too.  Love the least of these?  Yes, I think I do!  Is it easy? No, but my God is Greater, My God is Stronger, My God is Higher than any other, My God is Healer, Awesome in Power, that is My God.  In His strength, He will equip us to do the work He has called us to.  

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