Finally Together

Finally Together

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kiev Day 2

We went to bed fairly early last night and Brandon was thrilled to have found a soccer only channel. Even though it was only in Ukrainian, Brandon enjoyed watching his favorite sport.  We woke this morning and I made a hearty breakfast of bacon wrapped sausage, eggs, toast, and juice.  Brandon is going to want me to cook like this all the time. J 
We were picked up by our driver at 10am and driven to downtown Kiev for our SDA appointment which was at 11am.  The appointment was pretty fast, we were asked about our family and how we found out about Vitaliy.   Brandon gave a 2 minute answer, which was translator into about 2 sentences. LOL  It seemed to suffice.  We were told a few interesting things about Vitaliy’s family but we will find out more at the courts in Simferopol next week. 
We then were dropped off at a mall with another couple here adopting.  We got some Ukrainian Mall food and then walked to an outdoor market.  It was interesting, as our group was approached by a woman selling herself.  We are so thankful that we can adopt our children so that they don’t have to resort to this way of living. 
We found our way back to our apartment from the market and are now cozy inside.  Tomorrow we have Thanksgiving lunch at TGIF’s and then go and pick up our referral for adopting.  We will make a copy to bring back to the base to enroll Vitaliy into DEERS and Sasha will take the original to the region of Crimea where we will be next week.  Successful Day 2.

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