Finally Together

Finally Together

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kiev Day 3

Woke up in a chilly apartment but the sun was shining bright for the first day since we’ve been here.  We were picked up at 1pm for a trip downtown to the TGIF’s for a Thanksgiving meal.   Brandon and I were so excited to have TGIF’s that I think our American companions must have thought us a little strange.  We haven’t had TGIF’s in 4 years so for us it was a meal to be thankful for!   After lunch, we went to the SDA to pick-up our referral to adopt Vitaliy.   All went smoothly and we were in the office for about 3 minutes.  While at the SDA we met several families who are also adopting.  One couple from Arizona adopting a boy and girl who are unrelated but who both need a mommy and daddy.  A couple adopting a 15 year old daughter another adopting a 14 year old daughter and an amazing family who is in the process of adopting their 12th child with special needs.  What a testimony of what the church is called to do in loving the least of these in the world. 

We now have a document to take back to Italy with us to show the base that we are indeed adopting so we can get Vitaliy registered into the DEERS system.  This is a very good thing!
Afterwards, we were allowed a little time to look at the small market near the SDA.  We found a small souvenir for each of the kids. 

Tomorrow we return to Italy to finish paperwork, love on our daughters, pick up Kim’s sister from the airport on Sunday, and get ready to come back to Ukraine next Thursday.
On this unique Thanksgiving Day, we have much to be thankful for.  We are first and foremost thankful to our Heavenly Father who by His immense Grace and Mercy chose to send His Son Jesus to be the sacrifice and pay the penalty of our sins, and by that sacrifice and then resurrection has made possible for us to be adopted by Him and be His heirs forever and ever!  We are thankful for our beautiful daughters who have also chosen to follow Jesus even though the road is difficult.  We are thankful for our church family here in Italy and worldwide, who love, pray for, and serve in ways that are shocking to the world who doesn’t yet know Him.  We are thankful for family and friends that love and care for us and make sacrifices to show us their love.  We are thankful for the Stork International Team that has been and continues to be our advocates during this adoption process.  We are thankful for Vitaliy and any other children that God may have for us in our future that show us how much our Father in Heaven loves us, unconditionally when we are purchased by the blood of Jesus.

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