Finally Together

Finally Together

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Made it to Kiev (trip one)

We are in Kiev!  It is amazing that we are here after waiting so long. 
You know how you hear people say, “I can feel your prayers”?  I have probably said it before too, but this time I truly can FEEL your prayers.  It has been a bit strange that this week, we find it easy to fall asleep and wake up refreshed.  Last night as we said good-bye to the girls and this morning as we woke up, I felt positively serene.  Such a strange peace and calm when normally I would be anxious, upset, and hurried.  This is definitely a super-natural peace that passes all normal understanding, and we are so grateful and humbled by God’s tangible presence. 
We arrived in Kiev’s airport and breezed through customs.  We were met by our driver Sergei who then drove us to get our American dollars exchanged for Grivna.  We did some food shopping and we felt like we did when we first moved to Italy, looking at pictures and hoping for the best. J  Then we were brought to our apartment where we will be staying until very early Friday morning.  Kiev looks very much like any European big city.  We may go do some sightseeing on Thursday as it will be our free day. 
Our SDA appointment is tomorrow, Wednesday at 11:00.  Please be praying for us at this time as it is our first big appointment in the final steps of this adoption.  We are assuming that Vitaliy knows that we are coming at this point but we haven’t heard for sure yet.  Our missionary friend has informed us that the social worker would have definitely let him know we are coming at this point. 

More to come tomorrow.

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