Finally Together

Finally Together

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Simferopol Day 5

Another great day!  We were picked up by our driver at 10am and taken to the city authority that processed yet another application for adoption.  Afterwards, we were taken to another official type building and met with a social worker who asked us some questions about ourselves and Vitaliy.  Then we waited while another paper was drafted for us.  After these two appointments we went to lunch at an Indian Restaurant that was delicious! 
After the scrumptious lunch we went to the orphanage.  We went into the director’s office and the orphanage doctor came in and we were given the opportunity to ask questions about Vitality’s health history.  According to them, he is healthy and well.  We will have him evaluated more thoroughly once we are back in Italy.  Then after the doctor left, in bounded Vitaliy, we exchanged hugs and smiles.  Our coordinator, the director, and another woman spoke with Vitaliy and he seemed in agreement with what they were saying.  They led him to a table and gave him a pen and paper and he began to write.  We asked what he was writing and they said he was writing a letter stating that he wanted to be adopted by us!  He worked very hard on this letter and it took him awhile.  He’d look up at us every once in a while and smile.

When the paper was done our coordinator and the other adults were speaking, so Brandon gave him a coloring book and crayons that they worked on together to pass the time.  The director commented again on how much Vitaliy looks like Brandon.  Vitaliy has to get some lab work done for the adoption and will have to leave the facility to do so.  The director said that while he was out he’d have to go and get his haircut to match Brandon’s.  They really do look a lot alike.  ;)
Afterwards, our coordinator had to take our documents to the city so we stayed with Vitaliy in a large room, playing, talking, and just being together alone for about 2 hours.  It was very nice. 
We aren’t sure of the plan yet for tomorrow but we are so thankful for how things have been going so far. 

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  1. Just had lunch in front of my computer screen catching up on your days with your new son. Love it. Love all of it. Just so thankful for these brave little boys that leave all they have ever known in hopes of something they have never known--a family. That's faith. Oh, thank you, Jesus,for showing yourself to us through the miracle of adoption! so excited for you!