Finally Together

Finally Together

Help Us Bring Vitali Home

Thursday, December 20, 2012

We are ALL off to Ukraine!

We finally have our court appointment, it is December 24th! 
We will be having a Ukrainian Christmas this year. 

 Since it will be over the Christmas holiday and the girls will be out of school on Christmas break, we have decided to take them along with us on this trip.  We hope that this trip will have an eternal effect on our daughters.  During the coming months, Vitaliy will have to make many huge adjustments in learning to be part of a family, a new language, customs, foods, environment and so on.  We are anticipating a rough transition and we think that it will be beneficial for Grace and Hanna to see with their own eyes where their brother is coming from.  We hope that they will get a glimpse of his past and prayerfully to instill in them large amounts of grace and mercy for Vitaliy.  We also pray that this will prompt their hearts to be forever burdened by the plight of orphans around the world and will encourage them to seek justice and provide homes for these unwanted children.  Many of the orphans are their age.  We further hope that this will give them a deep gratitude for the fact that they have a family that dearly loves and cares for them.  We pray that this will show them that although they may be deprived of I-touches, I-pads, and other various “necessities”, that at least they are able to take more than one cold shower once a week and have clothes that fit them and haven’t been worn by 20 kids before them. 

Please join us in prayer as we prepare for this VERY exciting pivotal point in our adoption journey.  When we find out the exact time of the court, we will post so that you can join us in prayer that ALL goes well.

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